Friday, June 11, 2010

We're Back...

So this is Alli writing today... It's been awhile since we updated so here we go!!!

Kevin, Rachel, Claire-Kevin is still working for our family business, ServPro, in St. George. He loves it and is always thinking on how he could improve new things and always has new ideas. Rachel stays home with Claire as she is a handful sometimes. But she is adorable and getting so big!! We love when they come visit, it's always so fun!!

Stephen-Also working for ServPro. He is loving it up there. He likes the outdoor stuff as in fourwheeling, boating, etc. He got his own house a little while ago and is just living the single life!! haha!

Katy-Just finished her second year at Dixie State in St. George. She is home for good now and will attend UNLV in the fall. She is working for a nannying company that lets her work all over the city and she is loving it! She's always had a knack for kids! We love having her home!

Alli (me)- Still playing volleyball. I'm going into my senior year and I can't even believe I will be graduating in less than a year. It's crazy! I am trying to get a scholarship to play volleyball in college so we will see how that works out!!

Meghan-She is 13 and sassier than EVER!! We love her wit though. She plays the piano (we both do) and we all can't believe how big our baby is getting! She's pushing 5' 11"!!

Brad-Still the bishop. Still a lawyer. Still the best dad in the world. Also, he's Claire's FAVORITE PERSON EVER!! If he's not here when they get into town, she freaks out and points to his picture immediately. It's adorable.

Susan-Mom is our wonderwoman. She literally does everything for everyone. As I write this she is sewing a wedding dress!! We love our mother!!!

I know this seems like a Christmas card but it's been awhile!! We are having a great summer so far!! We are going to Hawaii in July and we can't wait!! It'll be a blast. We love our family and we are all so blessed!! And we will try to update more frequently! (Although I can't promise it won't be me everytime) haha!