Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yes, it's true, I have a (practically-08) brand new car (see pix on post Alli did below). I am as excited as a 16 year old getting her very first car. This car does have all the bells and whistles, everything except leather seats. There are so many books to read about all the fancy things this car has and does, that it will take me half a day to get through them! Thanks so much to my loving family for doing this for me. Thanks to my husband who has always worked so hard to support our family and for investing in our St. George business and thanks to my amazing sons who have worked so hard to grow the business so I can have this wonderful car. I LOVE IT! Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!!

So last night my dad and Meghan went to go birthday shopping while I went to a school function. I got home and Dad still wasn't home. I thought, "Dang it takes 4 hours to get some clothes?!" Well he got home and pulled me away from Mom and he said I got your Mom a car. We kept it a secret until today when Stephen, Kevin, Rachel, and Claire came down to Vegas. They walked in and Mom got excited to see them. Then my dad said, "What's all the water leaking all over the lawn and driveway?" So we went out there and this amazing beauty was out there on the driveway. Awesome. It has GPS, DVD player, moon roof, and all the cool stuff. Happy Birthday Mom, you deserve it!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Marcy Dear!!!!

And Happy St. Patricks's Day!! Today is our lovely cousin Marcy's birthday. Growing up it was such a blessing to always have my family around all the time. Sunday dinners at Grandma's and every other family function was always a blast. Sometimes I can't believe how old we are getting! A few of my favorite things about Marcy:
-Her favorite color is green
-She has always been a great example to me and my siblings
-She is an AMAZING mother to Courtney and Megan
-She always has a positive attitude
-She is very generous
-Her kids are the cutest
We love you Marcy!! Happy Birthday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Worst Nightmare

My worst nightmare has come true, yet again!! I learned last week that Meghan and I (Alli) would be taking piano lessons. This is my third time. JOY!! It's actually not that bad and from what I hear I will be glad when I can play in church....blah blah blah.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Huntington Beach

Huge waves!!!
Oh where oh where has my sweet summer gone, oh where oh where could you be?! Oh how I long for the summer again. I have to say my favorite beach trip with my family was the summer of 2007 when we went to Huntington Beach and rented a little house behind someone else's house. It was kind of a fixer upper but we loved it none the less. That was the best trip!! We rode bikes down to the beach everyday and just played in the ocean. Then at the end of the week our dear friends the Clarks came down and we saw WICKED. It was great. I love the summer. Summer means a lot of things to me: Katy comes home, volleyball starts, getting a good tan, swimming everyday, NO SCHOOL, swimming at midnight, beach volleyball, pre-season football and so much more. Summer is the greatest. I can't wait until June of 2009. It'll be the greatest summer EVER!!