Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fabulous Field Trip

Meg is 2nd from right on the top
On the ride there, note the beautiful scenery in the background :/

6th grade beauties at the Food Court
Last weekend Meghan and I went to Reno with her middle school choir so they could perform at the Reno Jazz Festival, which is held every year at the University of Reno, Nevada. I was very excited to go because I haven't been on a field trip with Meghan in a long time. Although, I was a little hesitant about the eight and a half hour bus ride with 27 6th graders. All in all, it was a great weekend, even with the 40 degree dip in temperature and rain. The kids sang wonderfully as usual, and were rewarded with an "almost" perfect score (missed by one point). These are some things I learned:
1. There are still mean girl groups as young as 6th grade, and having cell phones to write nasty things to each other on makes it even worse. (Just another reason Meghan doesn't get one until she's 14).
2. My daughter is extremely polite in social situations where she is required to be quiet and attentive.
3. My daughter can be very naughty when left in a hotel room full of friends who are "also" jumping on the beds!
4. I'm definitely getting older....I had to sit right in the middle of the bus so that the screamers in the back, nor the gossiping texters in the front, got to the me.
5. I'm still young enough to have fun. Meghan's friends were great, and we had a fun time walking around campus and enjoying the shows.
6. Mrs. Ligon, the choir teacher, is still AMAZING!

My Son The Pilot

Just a quick "brag" moment. Kevin has been working on his private pilot's license for about nine months now. This was no small feat considering he works long hours at our business; and he and his wife had a baby in October, but after many long months of studying and "behind the wheel experience," he is a full fledged Pilot. We are so proud of him!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm A Fan!

And not of baseball...of online shopping. Ever since I started working a few years ago I have found myself in a constant time crunch. Then I found a wonderful website called OVERSTOCK.COM. It has the best deals, plus, you don't have to pay any sales tax and most of the time they ship for $2 or free (if you're a "special" customer like me). Just a few things I've purchased are; my refurbished IPOD (works like a charm), bedding for all of our beds...three bed in the bags complete with matching pillows (twin, double and queen) plus a king down comforter, all for $80 or less, mostly less (around $50). I've also purchased clothing, not jeans-they are too hard to purchase online unless you have tried on a certain brand in the size you like. I've also shopped at SmartBargain.com where I found a 600 count (is that like 60 spf sunscreen, does it really exist at that level?) duvet cover that is well made and super soft for $39.00. I love Amazon.Com because I can find old videos, out of print books and CD's. I even like it when my kids shop online. During the Christmas season Allison found everything on her wish list from local stores that were listed online. She printed me a list of items she wanted (complete with prices and pictures) and when I got to the stores they had about 3/4 of the items instock at the sale price or lower. On another note, I wanted to share some information about a couple of stores that I actually frequent that have good deals. Amazingly enough Nordstrom has great deals in the Brass Plum area (also known as BP to the teen set), that rival the sales at Target or Kohls. Also, I have been taking Alli to Buckle to get her pants because she wears such a long length. I'm not recommending anyone spend that much money on jeans but the tops and blouses range from $22-$36 with much more original styles than you will find at other stores for the same price. Of course, both of these stores have sales racks which make the items even more affordable.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Fun Spring Break

We had a super fun spring break last week. We covered most of California (according to Brad) and saw lots of nature, friends, family and ate, drank and were merry! Thanks to everyone who hosted us and took time from their busy schedules to see us. Thanks especially to the Reese's and Gordon's for having our family stay in their homes. But, for the whole story you need to go to Meghan's blog at http://meghanlove.blogspot.com and see our pictures and read all about it. (She's quite the little blogger...really, that's a compliment.!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

When Can You Break the Rules?

We have a rule in our home that you have to replace the toilet paper when it runs out. This probably sounds like a reasonable request, and everyone in the household obeys the rule except everyone but Brad and I. So, in my quest to always have toilet paper adorning every toilet paper holder, Brad is my only accomplice (or I should say, consistent accomplice, the kids make the "very" occasional effort). Then last Thursday, to my dismay, I walked into my bathroom, after driving 10 hours from California, to find the toilet paper roll perched quite precariously on top of the toilet paper holder. As I yelled to my husband that life had obviously gone to h-e double toothpicks in a handbasket (whatever that means), he assured me that he was too tired to replace the roll because he had spent the last two hours after work cleaning up dog throw up in every room in the house (seems our dog has pancreatitis) and finished by vacuuming the whole house and doing the dishes in grand anticipation of my arrival. Okay, I couldn't really argue with that kind of altruism and gave him a free pass. Then tonight I walk into my bathroom again to find my poor TP in the same predicament, nearly falling off it's pedestal. I would have yelled out something to my husband, my cohort in keeping the TP in it's place, but then I remembered that he purchased 14 plants to replace the ones that died in the great Vegas snowstorm of '08, dug the holes (with reluctant and scant help from our daughters) and planted all 14 plants today, complete with enriched soil and yummy nutrients hoping against hope they would now live in this arid climate we call home. I knew that if I pointed out the great TP inequity again that it would again be for naught and sometimes in life you gotta realize that it's better that the rule be broken than that you have to clean up dog barf in the whole house or dig 14 holes yourself.

Friday, April 3, 2009

California, California, oh how I miss thee. California, California, oh how I love thee. The Tatoms (well 4 of us at least) have left the building. Destination?? SACRAMENTO!!!!! :) It will be a beautiful reunion.