Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm A Fan!

And not of baseball...of online shopping. Ever since I started working a few years ago I have found myself in a constant time crunch. Then I found a wonderful website called OVERSTOCK.COM. It has the best deals, plus, you don't have to pay any sales tax and most of the time they ship for $2 or free (if you're a "special" customer like me). Just a few things I've purchased are; my refurbished IPOD (works like a charm), bedding for all of our beds...three bed in the bags complete with matching pillows (twin, double and queen) plus a king down comforter, all for $80 or less, mostly less (around $50). I've also purchased clothing, not jeans-they are too hard to purchase online unless you have tried on a certain brand in the size you like. I've also shopped at where I found a 600 count (is that like 60 spf sunscreen, does it really exist at that level?) duvet cover that is well made and super soft for $39.00. I love Amazon.Com because I can find old videos, out of print books and CD's. I even like it when my kids shop online. During the Christmas season Allison found everything on her wish list from local stores that were listed online. She printed me a list of items she wanted (complete with prices and pictures) and when I got to the stores they had about 3/4 of the items instock at the sale price or lower. On another note, I wanted to share some information about a couple of stores that I actually frequent that have good deals. Amazingly enough Nordstrom has great deals in the Brass Plum area (also known as BP to the teen set), that rival the sales at Target or Kohls. Also, I have been taking Alli to Buckle to get her pants because she wears such a long length. I'm not recommending anyone spend that much money on jeans but the tops and blouses range from $22-$36 with much more original styles than you will find at other stores for the same price. Of course, both of these stores have sales racks which make the items even more affordable.

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