Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's to Happiness

I saw this on another blog that my friend showed me ( and I just loved it. This has gotta me my favorite blog EVER!! So here's to happiness.

1. walking down a boardwalk at sunset with a light breeze
2. riding bikes along the ocean with baskets in front to carry 'discoveries'
3. rushing the court/field after a big game and having a HUGE dog pile
4. smelling the scent of my shampoo after showering
5. getting wedding invitations/graduation announcements
6. painting my toenails
7. singing (more like screaming) in the car with my best friends to our favorite bands or artists
8. getting woken up by my alarm on a Saturday at 5:00, only to turn it off and realize i can still sleep
9. rascal flatts
10. taking crazy pictures
11. the way it smells after it rains
12. rolling down grassy hills
13. smiley babies
14. eating ice cream after working out
15. sleeping on the floor with tons of blankets and pillows
16. old squeaky houses
17. remembering my amazing childhood
18. fresh cut flowers
19. good shopping days
20. knowing that my family is forever
What makes you happy?

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